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Baptiste Robelin

Commercial Litigation


Baptiste Robelin is specialized in commercial litigation, contracts, innovative technologies and real estate law (the sale of a business as a going concern, commercial leasings and cases of acquisitions at the Bar of the court)

Baptiste has both French and international experience and practices in both English and French. Before founding NovLaw, he practiced in large law firms in Paris (CGR Legal, Franklin), London, Sydney and Melbourne. He is also a founding member of the INNOV LAW network.


Commercial Litigation
Real Estate Law
Corporate Law
Innovative Technologies

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Baptiste is a member of the Paris Association of Attorney’s for Real Estate Transactions at the Paris bar and gives regular presentations at conferences on topics related to commercial leases and transfers of businesses with going concerns.

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Commercial Litigation, Real Estate Law and Corporate Law

Our team specializes in all aspects of commercial, real estate and corporate law with competencies in both counselling and litigation. Our clients include general counsels, chief compliance officers, landlords, startups and restaurant owners facing regulatory scrutiny in the areas of EU regulation, unpaid balances, litigation proceedings and the drafting of lease agreements.

Our team intervenes in areas of:

Commercial Leasings: Our team promises ongoing support and assistance in the preparation and formalisation of commercial leases and the negotiation of sensitive and strategic clauses of such contracts. Representation in court and in front of a ‘judge of rent’s in case of litigation.

Transfer and Sales of Commercial Leasings: Assistance offered throughout the transfer process, at the stage of the sale offers, agreements and final acts of transfer.

Transfer and Sales of Businesses with Going Concerns: Assistance offered in the negotiation stages of the sale price. Support granted in the preparation and formalisation of legal acts (sale offers and agreements) for all the post-sale formalities as well as judicially enforced receivership.

Acquisitions of Distressed Businesses: Support in the purchase of assets before the court. Assistance for candidates in takeovers of assets in liquidation or in recovery or in auction. Assistance in areas of the transfer of obligations.

Construction Law: Assistance in the drafting of the contract and representation in case of litigation; ongoing follow-up of judicial expertise.

Co-ownership Law: Drafting of co-ownership contracts, assistance to co-owners’ unions and dispute resolution in litigation regarding areas of shared expenses, construction and renovation in the residence, or during co-owners’ assemblies.

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